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Gordon’s Story

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Meet Gordon Allan, 23, an Australian Paralympic cyclist who won a silver medal at the 2019 UCI Para-cycling Track World Championships. Now, Gordon has his sights set on competing at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

Just like Paralympics Australia, Gordon believes, “Everyone deserves the opportunity to participate in sport, follow their dreams, and be the best they can be.”

Finding his calling

Gordon was born with cerebral palsy which affects all four of his limbs. While cerebral palsy presents many challenges, he refuses to let that stop him from achieving his dream of representing his country. The para-athlete found his true calling, cycling at a Paralympics Australia Come and Try Day – an initiative designed to introduce sports to people with a disability. Unfortunately, cycling is an expensive sport and like many others with a disability, the high cost of equipment can often put it beyond the reach of those with limited financial means. Through the Para-sport Equipment Fund, Paralympics Australia assists athletes with a disability in getting what they need to get involved in the sports they love.

“I won my first national championships in 2016 when I was 18. From there I competed in the 2018 Para-track championships in Brazil. Last year I finished second at the World Championships in Hong Kong, then finished third at the 2020 World Championships. I also held the world record for a few months.”

Para-sport Equipment Fund

These are truly remarkable achievements, particularly for someone who only took up cycling seriously a few years ago! But as Gordon explains, the support he received from the Equipment fund took him to the next level.

“Through the Equipment Fund, Paralympics Australia provided me with a carbon fibre leg brace, which is what I use for racing and training. Because I can’t bring my ankle back towards me, it locks my ankle. I get the most power I can when I push through my right leg. It’s made my cycling a lot better and allowed me to get the best out of myself.”

Gordon’s leg brace alone cost more than $3,000. Without a grant from the Para-sport Equipment Fund, he couldn’t have afforded it. Paralympics Australia aims to remove both financial and social barriers for people with a disability to participate in sport and change the perception around the capabilities of people living with a disability. Part of our mission is to help Australians with disabilities participate and compete at the Paralympic Games, which is made possible through a wide variety of partnerships.

Support Your Cause + Chance To Win

This year, we’re excited to partner with Jumbo Fundraising to bring you ParaLottery – a new lottery programme to boost our current fundraising activities so that we can continue to help para-athletes like Gordon to excel. Through ParaLottery, we hope to provide backbone funds for the Paralympic movement. To make our mission a success and support our para-athletes, we need your help! With the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics just months away, there’s no better time to get behind this initiative and help us grow this lottery programme for years to come.

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Why Lotteries?

Lotteries offer an effective – and exciting – way to raise funds and thank our supporters! Funds raised through ticket sales will have a direct impact to Paralympics Australia. As a not-for-profit and registered charity, we rely on corporate donations and sponsorships, government funding, and kind supporters like you to continue to build and grow the Paralympic movement. By buying a ticket in the ParaLottery you’re not only supporting a great cause but also have the chance to win a major prize. Could you be the next lucky winner?

Help make sure Australians with a disability get the equipment they need to thrive with sport and achieve their extraordinary potential.

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